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Pennsylvania AAPS Chapter Develops Program
to Promote MSAs

James L. Pendleton, MD

The Pennsylvania Chapter of AAPS has developed a program to promote medical savings account (MSA) plans to physicians and the public. The program consists of four videotapes and audiotapes of a speech by economist Merrill Matthews, Jr., PhD, edited differently for different audiences.

Full video (36 min.): This video presents the entire speech. It illustrates MSAs by analogy, describes the specifics of how they work, why doctors will like them, why patients will like them, what has prevented them from becoming widely used and what should be done to make them widely effective. It is most suitable for audiences interested in more extended information about MSAs, such as those attending medical educational programs.

Abbreviated video (16 min.): This version is sufficient to explain the concept of MSAs without the additional explanation or detail in the full version.

Video on why doctors will like MSAs (9 min.): This tape was developed for presentation at meetings of physicians where time pressure is significant, such as a hospital staff meeting. It includes only the section of Dr. Matthews' speech that describes the advantages of MSAs to physicians and graphics giving recommendations for the future.

Video for insurance agents, employers and employees (12 min.): It will likely be difficult for many physicians to find time to promote the idea of medical savings accounts to the public. Therefore the MSA committee established contact to work with a group of health insurance agents who believe in the value of MSAs and our project. Nevertheless, the Pennsylvania Chapter of AAPS does not endorse any specific insurance company or product.

Audiotapes: Audiotapes recorded from the soundtrack of the full or abbreviated version of the videotapes provide a less expensive, more versatile way to inform listeners about MSAs and the program.

Written material: Instructions for presenters and an informational master to be copied for handouts about MSAs for the audience will accompany the videotapes.

For further information contact James L. Pendleton, M.D. at 215-938-0781, Fax 215-938-8999, E-mail:

Originally published in the Medical Sentinel 2002;7(1);29. Copyright©2002 Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)