From the President...

Recruit! Recruit! Recruit!

Lawrence R. Huntoon, MD, PhD

How many times have you heard --- "Where have you guys been all my life? I thought I was the only one out here fighting against socialized medicine. I wish I had known about the AAPS a long time ago." That was the response most of us had when we first learned about and joined the AAPS. And, there are many more physicians out there who would be eager to join our ranks if only someone would tell them about AAPS. Dear friends, that "someone" is YOU.

Every year YOU are given the opportunity to double our ranks. Regular members who pay their dues on the first notice can give a gift membership FREE of charge. Simply fill out the application form enclosed with your dues notice and send it to AAPS. All of us can identify at least one colleague who would be a good candidate for membership. And for a measly $50 each, you can give a gift membership to as many physicians as you like anytime during the entire year. There is no limit. One member, in fact, recently bought 20 gift memberships! Can you imagine the impact it would have if each of us gave a FREE gift membership and an additional $50 gift membership each year? Our ranks would TRIPLE!

And, what about investing in our future? Did you know that if you identify an interested medical student at anytime throughout the year that you can give a gift membership to that student for FREE? And, medical interns and residents can join for only $30 per year. How can anyone pass up an opportunity like that to invest in the future of medicine? If YOU don't do this, there are many others out there representing government compliance and managed care who will indoctrinate the next generation with their views.

For those who can't afford to give 20 gift memberships, you can order extra copies of the Medical Sentinel, including back issues, and distribute them (912-757-9873). You can even get discounted subscriptions for interns, residents, and medical students ($15).

There are other things you can do to help which cost very little. Most of us have access to doctors' mailboxes in our hospitals. What better way to spread the word than to stuff doctors' mailboxes with AAPS materials? If you need more AAPS pamphlets or newsletters or other materials, just give us a call at 1-800-635-1196 and we'll gladly send them to you to distribute. Use your photocopiers.

Is there a specific article in the Medical Sentinel you think your colleagues should know about? Just call the Medical Sentinel and let them know how many copies you are making and distributing. Staple an application form to the article or write the AAPS number (1-800-635-1196) at the bottom so that people know how to contact us if they want more information or want to join. Be persistent. Do it month after month. Not everyone is going to join after reading a single article. With persistence, however, the message will be understood with time and most physicians will be hard pressed to find a reason not to join. A gift membership or subscription to the Medical Sentinel will be complimentary to your efforts and therefore effective.

Ladies and gentleman, WE, the AAPS, are the last hope for freedom in the practice of private medicine in this country. WE are the ones who fight the battles, again and again, on the frontlines to stem the tide of socialism. WE are the ones who fight time and again against the increasing government intrusion and interference in the practice of private medicine. WE are the ones who help those physicians who are unfairly targeted, persecuted and prosecuted by armed government agents and in so doing prevent bad precedents from being set that could affect us all.

WE are also the ones who have used the venue of the courts to sue those in government who want to destroy the freedom of patients and their physicians in this country while "organized medicine" crawls to the public-private partnership table to beg for scraps and to participate in the legalized plunder. WE, AAPS warriors, are the Delta Force of American Medicine. But WE need the help of each and every member to recruit more freedom fighters to fight the good fight. We need more Medical Warriors to fight the great battle ahead because, make no mistake, we are at war. You can lay down and take it while the socialists force you into slavery and your patients into government dependence, or you can recruit more members and reclaim our profession. Even if you don't actively participate, by attending meetings or speaking out, you can still play a major and important role by paying your dues and recruiting others to the good cause. The choice is yours. Just DO it!

Lawrence R. Huntoon, MD, PhD is president of AAPS and a practicing neurologist in Jamestown, New York. His address is 560 West 3rd Street, Jamestown, NY 14701, (716) 488-2608.

Originally published in the January/February 2000 issue of the Medical Sentinel. Copyright ©2000 Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.